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    Support Local TV


There are many ways you can support local television.  Here are just a few ways!


Become a Friend of WCM and support all Wisconsin media centers through WCM.

Intern or volunteer at your community media center.  Community media centers are great places to get solid video production experience and to get involved in your community.  You'll wonder why you waited so long!

Advertising and Underwriting.  If you are a local business or organization and you'd like to reach your community through your local community media center, check out the advertising and underwriting opportunities available at your local community media center.  You might be able to support coverage of high school sports, city council meetings, or youth arts programs.  Since 2007, community media centers in Wisconsin have been allowed to carry advertising and commercial programming.  Check out the opportunities for PBS-style commercials and longer infomercials.

WCM's conference and video fest.  Every year, WCM sponsors a spring conference and video fest.  Check out our exhibit opportunities.

Donate to your media center.  Check here to find out if your local media center accepts donations.

Public Policy Action.  WCM supports legislation that will direct support to these local stations -- support that was largely lost in 2007.  If you'd like to learn more and get involved, become a Friend!