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Wisconsin Community Media works to create a supportive environment for local media.

WCM supports legislation that will strengthen the ability of community media centers to serve their communities. Media access centers are important to a vibrant community life. Media Centers:

  • Bring people together from diverse backgrounds to create programs that appeal to a variety of social, political, and religious local communities.
  • Promote government transparency with professional coverage of meetings, candidate forums, and issues discussions.
  • Provide coverage of community events and activities that frequently aren't covered or covered fully by commercial broadcasters or individuals.
  • Produce quality videos for local businesses and non-profit organizations that would otherwise not hire the expertise needed to effectively use this highly popular medium.
  • Train residents to produce video and use social media.  These free and low-cost training opportunities are available to all members of the public, including kids and seniors.

State Franchise Law passed in Wisconsin in 2007. 

Remedial Legislation introduced in the 2015 - 2016 state legislative session.

What's the CAP Act?

WCM's Letter to the House Energy & Commerce Committee, January 23, 2015

WCM's Reply Comments in the Time Warner/Charter/Brighthouse merger FCC Docket 15-149 (November 12,2015)


For more information, please contact Executive Director Mary Cardona.